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- Acquisition Strategy

- Acquisition History

- Acquisition Criteria


Acquisition Strategy

We seek out investment opportunities that allow for yield and value creation through disciplined investment criteria and hands-on asset management. Our target properties are typically passed over by institutional investors because of smaller scale, greater number of tenants, management intensity, or location in markets that are not on the current institutional radar.

Acquisition History

We have made timely acquisitions and dispositions worth over $100 million dollars in the last decade, with a timely hiatus in the last five years during the run-up of real estate prices and the subsequent market crash. We have formed private funds with high net worth individuals as well as ventures with institutional partners, including RREEF, Principal Financial, Strategic Capital Partners and CenterPoint Properties.

Acquisition Criteria

  • Chicago area west to and including Arizona
  • Industrial, work space, multi-tenant single-story office
  • $1 million to $20 million
  • Historically we have yielded ± 12% internal rate of return

Our criteria are flexible and vary by the opportunity presented. We will say a quick "no" to retail and residential investments but will consider vacant buildings and land. Contact Michael Klonoski at (630) 464-7746 or Jason Klonoski at (602) 380-3198 for additional information.

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